This blog is aiming to explore the inner psychology of the odds before the start of a match.

When and why are they moving??

Can we take advantage of this movement??

Saturday, May 28, 2011



During the last couple of hours a serious odds movement has taken place in BARCELONA VS MANCHESTER UNITED match. Barcelona's odds went from 2,10 to 2,00 (back) and Manchester's odds from 4,1 to 4,5 (back). The draw just stayed at the same odds at 3,55.

I will keep an eye on the market till the kick off because I believe that even if some huge amounts of money are placed in the market some volatility of the odds probably could happen.

Since I did not get in the market during the big drift of odds, I will keep on watching the odds, seeking for some new signs of movement in order to enter into Barcelona's market (backing or laying).

UPDATE 1: Lol only 20 minutes after my post, Barcelona's odds are going up... 2,04 already (back odds).
UPDATE 2: The trend is going down now..
Final UPDATE: NOTHING, the odds did not get anywhere...I have missed the chance to enter in the market early in the evening and from then the odds did not drift dramatically. There was not a clear trend, so my second update was wrong. 15 minutes before the kick off, I will stay disciplined and I am not going to enter into a market.
So now after all, I will close my PC and enjoy the match without risking my money :)

Let the best team win!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blackburn vs Manchester City


Nice movements are seen already on today's match between Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City.
Manchester's odds are already going up from 2,00 to 2,10. The market has great liquidity and we will be able to make some moves without getting trapped into the back or lay market.

Given Blackburn's poor form, I am waiting that several hours before the kick off Manchester's odds will go down. So I 'll wait for now. I will enter into the back Manchester market as soon as there are the appropriate signals from my statistics.

Update 1: I 've got in already at 2.08 (Back)
Update 2: Already out at 2:00. Probably it will go further down but I don' want to be greedy. Not bad

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adefemi Olubayo Died in a Car Accident in Greece

Adefemi Olubayo Died in a Car Accident in Greece

 Adefemi Olubayo, Nigeria's national team center back, had a car accident in Greece. This incident happened on Monday, 17 April 2011 and caused his death.

Olubayo was at northern Greece, traveling from Xanthi to Salonika. As he was driving on the Egnatia freeway he lost control of his vehicle causing the lethal accident. Adefemi's automobile slipped off the route crashing into a barrier. His death was instant.

Greek Police stated that the accident was caused due to the unusual weather conditions that took place in Greece the former three days. Highways in Greece were slippery. Especially at the north was snowing heavily.

Adefemi Olubayo was 25 years old and was playing for Skoda Xanthi for the last season. He was one of the best team players and a great person. In the last days he was preparing to visit Nigeria in order to organize his marriage ceremony

Adefemi's team-mates were in great shock when they read the news of his friend's lost. They just couldn’t believe it.

He was a great man, he enjoyed to laugh and make jokes. Everybody loved that guy.

His team will arrange a friendly game in the memory of Adefemi. The money from this friendly match will be given to his family.

Adefemi Olubayo Carrier

Adefemi Olubayo was playing in Skoda for the last Greek football season and made 24 appearances in the league, scoring 2 beautiful goals for his team which helped his team to stay in the first league. Xanthi's player was also an international footballer as he played 5 times for Nigeria national team.

Adefemi Olubayo played for Nigeria at the 2008 Olympic Games. He was the teams defender during the games and has scored a tremendous goal in a semi final match versus Belgium. He was a player of the Under 20 team that came second at those series at the World Youth Championship in the Netherlands. Adefemi played five matches at those series and marked one goal at the semi final versus Morocco.
Adefemi Olubayo first appearance in Nigeria’s National Men’s team was made versus Ireland on 05/29/09.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mike Bibby Buyout one Week After his Trade from Atlanta

Mike Bibby Buyout one Week After his Trade from Atlanta

Mike Bibby and his new (already got old) team, Washington Wizards, came out with a new surprising new deal: a buyout!

In a surprising decision the Wizards one week after getting him from Atlanta,  took the big decision to leave him giving up his entire salary for next season. If someone take in consideration that Bibby for the next year should get $6.2 million then the deal does not sound too bizarre. Washington got a great relieve on salary cap because they have saved a great deal of money.

Mike Bibby now has the chance to make his dream come true as he has the opportunity to sign with a title-contending team. Teams as Miami and Boston sound as a big challenge for him. It is obvious that these teams will fight for his signature.

If one of these teams signs up with Mike Bibby then the championship’s doors are opening widely for them.
Let’s see what happens

Sunday, February 27, 2011



Ashley Cole shoots student with a rifle? Oh man I can't believe it!
This one will have a tremendous influence in Chelsea’s odds at the match against Manchester United at Tuesday.

I just can't understand how he got a rifle at his club's Cobham training ground.

Ashley Cole just for fun had taken with him to training previous Sunday a .22 air rifle which probably is one of the most dangerous rifles obtainable without the need of a licence inside the United Kingdom.

Ashley Cole was playing with the gun within team's change room when he accidentally shot a student who was in the building.

Ashley Cole obviously was not aware that the rifle was loaded so he shooted without knowing that there was a student in front of him.

Hopefully the student now is ok as the team’s doctor took care of him immediately. The student was provided a couple of days off.

Now that the incident is widely known by the press, maybe it could influence Chelsea at the big derby against Manchester United at Tuesday

Manchester City vs Foulham

Manchester City vs Foulham

Great movement at Manchester City's odds. The odds are going up, no time to lose so I am going to catch the trend from 1,54(lay).

Liquidity is really excellent so it wont be difficult to get matched.

My eyes will be on final news concerning the formation of both team. Manchester has a superb attack so any news related to Manchester's  front line will be able to influence odds movement.

Update: Yeah!!

This is what I call betting (or better trading) without risk!! Profit without sweating!
I am closing my position here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Great movement of Inter's odds.
Diego Milito and Walter Samuel are off from today's match, so the latest news from Inter's team are pushing the odds up. The rally is beginning from 2,26 (lay) and I wait a big upwards movement.
It is a great opportunity for pre-match trading here...

Liquidity is great and bets are getting matched easily.

As we will get closer to the kick off watch out for other punters closing their position as this could make the odds go to the opposite side. Therefore set your goal going for fixed ticks and do not leave your position open.

UPDATE 1: Now its up on 2,50. This was an exellent drift.
Update 2: 2 hours before kick off, look where the odds have gone!!!